The Client: The Busy Professional

Are you a busy professional with your hands full?  See how we can solve your challenges below with a common scenario.


The Client: The Busy Professional

Cindy is in her mid-40’s and holds a senior management position at a consumer products company. She’s a working mother who juggles a busy work/life schedule. Cindy’s current family home, once thought to be their ‘forever home’, is no longer meeting her family’s demands – they need more space. Cindy has seen sold signs in her area but is unclear how her place compares to those homes and hasn’t had the time to find out. Both Cindy and her husband would like to stay in the same area for their children’s sake and have a good idea of which neighbourhood they want to move to.

The Challenge

When Cindy isn’t in the office or travelling for work, she’s at a family function, whether it is a dance recital, hockey game or a much needed vacation. Cindy is unsure about her current mortgage options but finding the time and energy to sort out her real estate situation becomes the larger issue at hand, especially when it comes to the little details like sourcing out movers or cleaners to help with the transition. Life as a busy professional doesn’t leave much room for finding, purchasing and moving into a new home.

The Solution

Cindy used the one-stop services of BrokerSmart. With dual-licensed agents, BrokerSmart was able to not only handle the mortgage and real estate side of the purchase and sale, they were also able to co-ordinate the lawyer, movers and house cleaners. Cindy didn’t need to sacrifice time with the family or work and was able to sign all the necessary documents at a convenient location of her choice and at a time that worked around her schedule.

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