Expert Painting Tips for You

Painting may be the most affordable way to give a room a new look -whether you’re updating your current home to get it ready to sell, or planning on painting in your new home – but it can be an overwhelming decision. Thanks to Style At Home, they have shared their expert painting tips for you to paint with ease.

1. Selecting a Colour

Grab those paint chips! Be sure to have a look at the chips in the artificial and natural light. Test the colour you like by painting a couple coats in a few different areas of the room (3-foot by 3-foot) and then look at the colour in the morning, afternoon and night.Choose a good quality paint as it will create less splatter and will need less coats – saving you time!

2. Preparing 

For the best paint adhesion, wash the walls, doors, and trim with a gentle solution, rinse with a damp cloth, and allow it to dry thoroughly. Sand the doors, window sashes and trim for a smooth finish before painting. To fill gaps and cracks use a molding compound. Also, remove doorknobs, cover plates, and ceiling-light rings for a clean paint job.

3. Priming and Painting 

For the perfect finish, begin with a primer. Using a trim brush, ‘cut’ a border along the ceiling and the baseboards. To fill the entire wall, use a roller and start in the middle of the wall. This allows for excess paint to be spread out among the rest of the wall evenly. Apply at least two coats to finish all surfaces, including the walls, doors, windows, trim and baseboards.

4. Cleaning Up 

For oil-based brushes and rollers, rinse the brushes with solvent, then with warm soapy water until the water runs clean. If you’re using latex paints, skip the solvent step. Wrap the brushes in heavy paper when completely finished.


Now you’re all done! Once your paint job is completely dry, start moving the furniture back in the room, add some decor, hang your pictures and watch the room completely transform!

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