The Client: Looking to Upgrade

Are you looking to upgrade?  See how we can solve your challenges below with a common scenario.

The Client: The Upgrader 

Ted is in his early 30’s and holds a middle management position at a manufacturing company. He’s recently married and wants to start a family. The time is right to upgrade from his downtown condo to a single family home. Ted knows there have been recent sales in the building but is unsure what his place is actually worth. He and his wife have a good idea of the neighbourhood they want to raise their family in, having done all the research on schools and amenities.

The Challenge

Many home owners are apprehensive about having to navigate the real estate process the second time around. Ted hasn’t heard from his realtor since he bought his current condo and every time he goes into the brand that holds his mortgage, there always seems to be a new person who is in charge of his file. Determining his current equity position, potential household expenses and out of pocket costs as a second time home buyer will be crucial for his family’s financial position with the new purchase.

The Solution

Ted used the one-stop services of BrokerSmart. With dual-licensed agents to handle both the mortgage and real estate side of the purchase and sale, BrokerSmart helped to determine a comfortable mortgage payment, sold his condo at market value and secured the home of their dreams in the neighbourhood they coveted. Ted and his wife were also able to sign all the necessary documents at a convenient location of their choice and at a time that fit their busy work schedules.

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