The Client: The First Time Home Buyer

Are you a first time home buyer? See how we can solve your challenges below with a common scenario.

The Client: The First Timer

Sarah is in her 20’s and holds an accounting position at a construction firm. She’s rented an apartment for the last couple of years but knows the value of home ownership and wants to buy a place to call her own. Sarah has been online and played around with a couple of mortgage calculators, getting an idea of how much she can afford with the hope that the money she’s saved is enough for a down payment. She also has her eye on living downtown but with so many units on the market to choose from, she doesn’t know where to start.

The Challenge

Many first time home buyers feel overwhelmed by the tasks of purchasing a home. Not knowing who to call or trust for advice can delay some from even starting the process. Sarah asks her parents for a contact at their bank and calls a realtor after a quick online search but she doesn’t get any form of reassurance that these people are willing to walk her through the entire process from start to finish. Plus, finding a banker or realtor that can work with her schedule or answer her questions in a timely manner becomes a challenge.

The Solution

Sarah uses the one-stop services of BrokerSmart. With dual-licensed agents to handle both the mortgage and real estate side of the purchase, BrokerSmart was able to answer all of Sarah’s questions, found the prefect place for her budget and negotiated on her behalf for a great mortgage rate. She was also able to sign all the necessary documents at a convenient location of her choice and at a time that fit her busy work schedule.

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