Moving Tips for You!

The process of moving can be overwhelming and very stressful. At BrokerSmart, we focus on helping you at every single step during the entire process of purchasing a home. As big of a job as moving is, we want to share with you a few moving tips to make it as smooth, easy, and organized as possible.

You Move Me is a moving company that is dedicated to helping move you, not just move your boxes. Here are their 8 tips for a smooth move!

1. Label Your Boxes

Write on the box what’s inside to help with organization and efficiency during the move.

2. The Heavier the Item, the Smaller the Box 

Make sure to not over pack one box with many heavy items. This is considered to be the Golden Rule!

3. One Box, One Room

Everything you put in a box should belong to the same room. Make it easy for when you’re unpacking.

4. Last in, First Out

Think about which items you will need first in your new home.

5. Paper Packing

Use regular paper instead of newspaper to avoid smears and stains on your items.

6. No Packing on Moving Day 

It’s a busy day today! Eliminate any extra stress by having your packing done beforehand.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Order Lots of Boxes

You just never know how many you will need. (Here is a plus: You Move Me will take back the unused boxes!)

8. Pack in All Sizes

With a variety of household items, a variety of boxes will allow to fit all of your belongings.


Simple moving tips to make the process as easy as possible. To check out You Move Me and how they can move you, click here.