Financial Incentives for Building Green in Langley

Striving to continue to be a leader for energy efficiency, the Township of Langley has adopted a Green Building Permit Rebate Program to provide financial incentives for those developers who build green. It is predicted for the population of Langley to double over the next decade, therefore increasing electricity needs by 50%. This program finds solutions to save energy in the future.

These financial incentives will be offered to those who meet the following criteria:

In Canada, the EnerGuide is a standard rating system for measuring a home’s energy performance. Below is a list outlining the available financial incentives for new residential construction of single family units as well as row/townhouse/duplex units that excels under the EnerGuide rating system.

Single Family Unit:

  • EnerGuide Rating: 80 and above
  • Available Incentives: $750 per home
  • Complimentary Blueprint assessment


  • EnerGuide Rating: 82 and above
  • Available Incentives: $150 per home
  • Complimentary Blueprint assessment

8 Steps to Receive Financial Incentives for Building Green:

  1. Submit a Building Permit Application
  2. Obtain Green Building Rebate Program referral form
  3. Schedule a complimentary blueprint assessment. A Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) will provide an EnerGuide rating of the home and recommend options for reaching a higher rating. Contact City Green Solutions at 604.255.5734 or email at
  4. Build an energy efficient home
  5. Arrange final testing, including a blower door test, by CEA
  6. Receive an EnerGuide label and clearly display it on the home’s electrical panel door or furnace
  7. Within 90 days of final inspection submit EnerGuide documentation, as provided by the CEA, to the Township of Langley
  8. If qualifications are met, the Township will mail you your rebate

For more information on how you can receive financial incentives for building green, while helping Langley continue to be more energy efficient – contact the Permits, License, and Inspection Services Department at the Township of Langley or visit their website