3 Benefits of Forwarding Your Snail Mail

Are you current moving or temporarily re-locating? Canada Post gives the 3 best reasons why forwarding your snail mail is beneficial for you. Forward your mail anywhere in Canada or around the globe. You can take one less thing off your mind during this busy time!

1. Peace of Mind

The thought of knowing that your bills, cheques, final statements and other important mail have been prevented from being lost or returned to the sender will put your mind at peace.

2. Security

By forwarding your snail mail, you are eliminating any risk of identity theft by knowing your mail won’t be delivered to the new occupant of your old house or location.

3. Convenience

You are able to pick up your mail yourself! No need to ask friends or relatives to collect your mail from your previous house or location.


Forwarding your snail mail can be accomplished by choosing the right service for you in a few easy steps. To forward your mail to a new home or a new location, click here.

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