New News on Secondary Suites

As of May 2013, the Township of Langley has stated that all secondary suites, existing or newly constructed, are required to have a Secondary Suites Licence. A Building Permit is also required to prove inspection has been completed in order to obtain the licence.

What is a secondary suite?

It’s a separate residential unit within a home – more commonly known as a basement suite!  The Township’s Zone Bylaws only permits one single family home to have one secondary suite.

Secondary suites offer many benefits to the community. They provide a range of options for residents such as, more affordable housing. It is important to note that secondary suites must conform to municipal bylaws and provincial standards for public health and safety.

How do I obtain a Secondary Suite Licence?

Once you have received an accepted final inspection along with a Building Permit, the licence must be obtained through the Township of Langley’s Permit, Licence, and Inspection Services Department. There is an annual fee plus an annual utility fee for this licence.

Licence: $350 / $175 (Family Rate)

Utilities: 30% of applicable water/sewer charges to be included on Property Tax Statement

Unfortunately, there are fines for owners who do not have a Secondary Suite Licence. These fines can add up to $500 per day. A sign will be placed on the property tax information sheet which could affect the resale, refinancing or sale of the property. Be sure to obtain your Secondary Suite Licence if you haven’t done so already.

For more information on the Township of Langley’s bylaws regarding secondary suites, click here.

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