Helping Your Kids Handle the Move

You Move Me Co. is a full service local moving company out here in the Lower Mainland. They have a list of 6 tips to helping your kids handle the move. Even though it is an exciting time, it can be a stressful time and change can be difficult.

  1. Visit your new home and your new neighbourhood – make sure to visit those kid-friendly spots too (playgrounds, parks, etc.). This will help get the kids excited to live in a new area.
  2. Explain to the kids that their stuff is just being stored until you get to your new home – it’s not getting thrown out!
  3. Keep some old furniture, for example, your children’s bed furniture to keep something familiar in your new home. This will definitely help to ease the transition.
  4. Keep the kids occupied on moving day by having a friend or relative look after them.
  5. Ensure your kids get a chance to say goodbye to their treasured places and favourite people in the old neighbourhood.
  6. Let your kids be the tour guides when guest come to visit your new home.


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