Top 10 Security Tips for Your New Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience – new neighbourhood, new neighbours, fresh start, etc. As you start to check off items on your to-do list for your big move, don’t forget to add: change locks. It’s important to assume that numerous people could have access to your home with a key from the previous owners. Safety should always be at the top of your list.

Below are 10 security tips for when you move into your new home:

1. Examine eoors and windows

Check the frames to ensure stability, durability, and reliability. If they are in need of repair, make sure you get them fixed.

2. Changing the exterior locks

Consider an electronic deadbolt, built-in alarm systems and anti-pick resistance. .

3. Keep an eye out on your tour

Look for broken or aging door frames and flimsy window locks.

4. Check for an existing alarm system

If so, be sure to change the access codes and contact the alarm service company to let them know of a new ownership.

5. Walk around your new home to check the safety of entering and exiting from different doorways

Do this at different times throughout the day, making sure the necessary pathways are well lit at night.

6. Sensor Lights 

Having sensor lights deters criminals while you’re sleeping

7. Trim back bushes and trees

This prevents thieves from hidings. It’s important to store ladders in a locked garage or shed. 

8. Hiring tradespeople 

Ensure your hires are accredited – ask for credentials and references.

9. Emergency contact information

Make a list of emergency phone numbers and locations and keep it close to all phone devices throughout the home.

10. Join the neighbourhood watch 

Be involved and stay “in-the-know” of what’s happening in your new neighbourhood

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