The Difference Between a Notary and a Lawyer

A notary and a lawyer are two terms that are sometimes used interchangeably in the industry because they have the same bottom line – provide legal service for your real estate transaction. Below outlines the difference between a notary and a lawyer.

difference between a notary and a lawyer

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Both notaries and lawyers are able to provide you with the necessary documentation for your transaction. For those people who find themselves in more complicated transactions with the potential of something going wrong, lawyers are able to represent you in court but a notary cannot do so. Notaries are also not allowed to represent you in any kind of disputes.

Legal Advice

Lawyers are allowed to assist you and give you advice on a legal matter, whereas notaries cannot. For example, if you require legal advice on where your property line lies because you think your neighbour’s garden is crossing the boundary, a notary cannot provide that advice for you. The legal power notaries have is to register and sign off on the appropriate documents.


It is very important to use legal representation to review the contracts of your transaction. We are committed to providing you with the legal representative, a notary or a lawyer, that best suits your needs in your situation.

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