5 Quick Bathroom Updates that will Help You Sell Your Home for More

It’s no secret that bathrooms can make or break a sale and dictate how much or how little you get for your home. Most people want to walk into a home and see and an updated bathroom that doesn’t look like it requires any extra work or expense. Fortunately, there are easy ways to make your outdated bathroom look just that way.

Use these 5 quick bathroom updates for next to nothing before putting your home up for sale.

1. Change Your Shower Curtain

Such an easy fix yet one that people often overlook when putting a house for sale! Choose something tasteful and for a smaller bathroom or one that tends to be dark, look for light colored or even sheer shower curtains. Don’t skimp and opt for a clear cheap plastic liner! Look for a quality shower curtain that doesn’t weigh down or enclose the room making it appear dark and cramped.

2.  Paint those walls

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make a room look fresh and clean. Choose a color that’s calm and soothing that will appeal to most.

3. Paint Your Vanity Cabinet

A small can of paint can transform and old and dated bathroom vanity into something that looks new and modern. Paint out 80’s oak in a dark espresso that’s perfect for the executive buyer or opt for a soft white if you want to go for a spa-like effect that is a little more traditional without looking dated.

4. Change Your Hardware and Fixtures

Swap out your cabinet handles and knobs for something that looks more contemporary and if budget allows, do the same with your faucets and light fixtures. Try to stick to a matching finish, such as satin nickel or chrome, as matching it all instantly makes for a more uniform and high-end look.

5. Frame Your Typical Builder’s Mirror

Nothing makes a bathroom look more generic and well, cheap, than the basic builder’s mirror over the vanity. Since replacing it may mean having to deal with wall repairs depending on how it was hung; framing it is a simple solution that’ll make it look instantly chic. Head to a home improvement store and pick up some moulding. If you measure in advance you can have the pieces cut for you at the store. Paint it to complement your vanity, mount it using construction adhesive or screws and then fill and paint any seams. Voila—a new bathroom mirror!