Why a Fresh Coat of Paint Can Help with Your Sale

When you decide to sell your home, getting top dollar and a quick sale is usually the goal. To do this, getting your home to stand up above the rest is key, especially when it comes to the Langley real estate market.

A fresh coat of paint can help your place stand out and do several things for a room. Not only can it help make it appear cleaner and newer, but it can also help with any odors that may be in the home, such as those from smoke, pets, cooking or just living in general. A fresh coat of paint can help to lively-up a room or tone down and neutralize one for a more general appeal.

Choosing Your Color Palette

With so many other homes for sale in Langley, choosing the right colors to paint your house for a faster sale is important. Opting for a neutral palette is advised, but this doesn’t mean that spraying every room in builder’s white is the way to go! Use these pointers to help you choose your paint colors for a faster sale.


  • Think of the first impression your color palette will make. You want potential buyers to walk in and be able to immediately envision themselves living in the house with their own things. A color palette that is specific to a certain style will only appeal to those who share your specific taste, so opt for colors that could work with a wide range of styles.


  • Avoid colors that will require multiple coats to cover. Most buyers don’t want to walk into a house and immediately see the work that is ahead of them if they buy it. Dark or bold colors are harder to cover, which to potential buyers equals more money and more work.


  • You can freshen up more than just walls with paint. If your kitchen cabinets, window trims and baseboards, or even bathroom vanities are looking a little tired or beat up, a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into them and even update them with the right color. Look to magazines or talk to your Langley real estate agent for suggestions and ideas.

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