How to Get Your Lawn Green

As summer is sneaking up on us, you may be starting to think about how to get your lawn green this season. With Scotts Lawn Service Best Practices for a green lawn, we share 3 tips for you.

1. Understanding the Elements of a Green Lawn 

Below the surface of that picture-perfect green grass, there are many factors that determine and contribute to a healthy lawn. These factors include:

  • Nutrients available in the soil
  • Soil type and pH
  • Thatch and turf density
  • Turf damaging insects
  • Turfgrass diseases
  • Lawn environmental conditions (shade/sun)

A healthy, balanced soil will contain 45-50% minerals, 25% water, 25% air, and 2%-5% organic matter. The soil is responsible to improve water retention, deepen root systems, and improve nutrient storage and release.

2. Maintenance is Key

In order to grow a perfectly green lawn, patience, commitment and expertise are key to success. Every lawn does have the potential to turn into the perfect shade of green, however the level of maintenance is what sets the lawns a part. Proper maintenance requires professional-grade fertilizers, preventing insect damage, and weed control treatments. The dependents are climate and soil type.

3. Trust the Green Lawn Experts 

Expertise is important as they know exactly how to get your lawn green. Lawn maintenance is a science and when combined with the knowledge of the experts, you are on your way to having the picture-perfect lawn!


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