5 Easy Tips for Moving in the Winter

Winter weather is still here in the Lower Mainland as we woke up  to some more fresh snow this morning! These conditions do come with some complications and difficulties though, such as commuting…and even moving! Yes, if you find yourself stuck in some snowy situations during your moving period, here are 5 easy tips from YouMoveMe to follow when you’re moving in the winter.

1. Hire Movers

Hire the experts to pack, load and transport your belongings to your new home. Driving in winter weather can be dangerous, especially driving an unfamiliar truck in snow and ice conditions. Those professional movers will take care of you!

2. Shovel and Salt the Driveway

If there is snow conditions, best to shovel and salt your driveway/pathways to make it easier for the movers…and to avoid any slips while they load your belongings!

3. Make Sure Your Utilities are Set Up in the New House

Moving in the winter can be cold! Be sure that your electricity, heat and/or hot water is set up for your first night in your new home. Keep warm!

4. Protect the Floors

Walking from outdoors conditions to indoor can call for a bit of mess! Tape some heavy cardboard or plastic sheeting on the floor in high traffic areas to help avoid any mess that can end up on your floors and carpets.

5. Don’t Forget that Hot Chocolate!

Stay cozy and warm while moving in the winter with your favourite winter beverage! It does the trick.


Now you’re all set for moving in the winter. Need some help with Tip #1? Check out YouMoveMe – Moving Mission.

Source: YouMoveMe – Best Practices for Moving During the Winter