New Kitchens Sell Houses – Make Your Kitchen New Again

As much living as we may do in the living room, chances are that the kitchen is the real heart of the home and the place that most gravitate to when they come over. The kitchen also happens to be one of the most important rooms in a house for sale, not only because of its meaning to a family but also because they are the most expensive to remodel—something most buyer’s don’t want to take on when they buy a home.

The state of your kitchen could make or break a sale with even something as seemingly insignificant as some chips and scratches being enough to deter a potential buyer. A small nick to you could look like a lot of work and expense to someone else which is why a new kitchen will always help sell a home faster and for more money. No need to invest in an expensive kitchen reno to reap those rewards though—you can do many things to give the look of a brand new kitchen for very little.

Have a look around your kitchen and take an honest and objective look at what could be better. If your kitchen cabinets are tattered or outdated, then look into painting them or even having them refaced—both options, even done professionally, are cheaper than new cabinets. The same goes for your counter tops, which when scratched or in an outdated color can make your entire kitchen look outdated and put off potential buyers. Replacing countertops are an inexpensive and easy way to bring your kitchen up-to-date and have it looking new. Cut costs by asking local big box home improvement stores about upcoming sales or have a look through their section of precut and “leftover” countertops for great deals.

Sometimes the only thing stopping your kitchen from looking modern is the hardware. Fortunately that’s a cheap and easy fix that anyone can do themselves! Change out handles, drawer pulls and knobs for something simple and sleek for an instant update. Same goes for your faucet. Splurge—but not too much—on a new faucet that looks modern for a bigger impact than you may even realize! The same goes for appliances. If your appliances give away your home’s old age, then it’s time to look into package deals and replacing them.

Finally, you’d be surprised how much difference a good cleaning and de-cluttering can make in a kitchen. Keep your countertops as clear as possible, wipe down greasy cabinets and other surfaces as well as walls. Get rid of knick-knacks, ratty floor mats and any accessories that look dated. And when in doubt, ask your Langley real estate agent for their thoughts since their goal is the same as yours: a quick sale for top dollar.